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Blue Noise, a site-responsive collaboration/installation with Amy Ash, Debbie Kent & Sonia Mangiapane
using animated, projected blueprints and immersive sound recordings made from and of the site at Kestle Barton, Place Exploration Residency, Cornwall. Image Credit: RA.
Installation view of Back projected film, Intertidal 3 Dimensional model, Film Still, Rachael Allain.
Detail of Intertidal Zone, Glow-in-the dark 3D printed Model by J. Filbin

Plymouth Hoe Foreshore, Intertidal 3D Lidar Composite Image, Duratran on Lightbox. Data created: by Dr K. Kingston

Installation view, Facing West. Colour Transfer Stereoscopic film images installed at horizon/ eye level.
Photo Credit:Lloyd Russell.

Installation view, Facing West. Photo Credit:Lloyd Russell.

1440866 copy.jpg

Severance, Threshold, Return, bespoke light box installation, colour pinhole photographs on Duratran.  RA

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